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Have Complete Control Over Your Company’s Finances

Make better business decisions with XARU’s easily scalable expense management platform. Monitor and manage expenses, issue unlimited cards and make use of finance analytics.

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Seamless Expense Management Services

Manage all your virtual cards in one location with our game-changing financial management platform.

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The Solution to Your Spending Management Problems

XARU is an all-inclusive platform built with the needs of e-commerce companies in mind. Such corporate companies often feature large marketing departments with many employees, all of whom need a variety of payment options to cover business expenses. In other words, such businesses must be able to manage many cards at once.

Our platform makes this a breeze. Not only do we offer our clients unlimited corporate cards, but we also make it easy for business owners to monitor and manage their finances. If you’re looking to track user expenses so that you can make better financial decisions for your company, XARU is the right service for you.


— Corporate Cards

Unlimited Corporate Cards

Whether you’re running a small, medium or large business, with our platform, you can issue as many virtual and plastic cards as your team needs. With our cards, staff members can pay for advertising campaigns, business trips and any other corporate expenses.

As the business manager, you can keep track of every last payment and can generate easy-to-read expense breakdowns for your business.

Using XARU’s services, it’s also easy to scale your company. Our platform supports a number of currencies, including USD, GBP and EUR, meaning you can even expand abroad.

— Corporate Cards

Issue Cards With Ease

Issuing cards couldn’t be easier and takes just a matter of moments. Simply let us know:


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The Benefits of Our Cards Don’t Stop There

Here at XARU, we take your security seriously. That’s why we make sure our clients benefit from the latest in fraud protection, with the possibility of individual BINs for an added layer of safety. Our platform also utilises the latest in chargeback protection technology to safeguard you against fraudulent disputes.


— Team Management

Team Management

The success of any company depends on the capability of its managers to build successful, productive teams. That’s why XARU’s team management functionality is such a key feature of our platform.

Using our services, you can build teams of any size and any level of complexity, set and manage roles and hierarchies, and even create sub-teams if you’d like.

There is no limit to the number of teams you can create, so you can build as many teams as are necessary for your project, designating leadership roles as required.

— Team Management

Utilise Our Role-Based Access Control

Another important capability of XARU’s team management function is the ability to restrict the information available to particular roles within a team. Why does this matter?


— Expense Management

Expense Management

Without proper allocation of funds and resources, your company won’t get anywhere fast. With real-time reports and spending limit features, XARU makes it easy for you to monitor and manage your company expenses so that you can plan for the future and make big-picture decisions.

One of the major problems encountered with other financial management services is that they make it difficult for you to keep all your information in one place—not so with XARU.

Through our services, there are lots of different ways you can check and control business expenses, making it virtually impossible for you to miss any important details.

Limit Spending

With our spending limit feature, you can empower employees to responsibly make use of company resources, all while stopping them from making any mistakes that might land you in financial trouble. Productivity and efficiency don’t have to come at the expense of making safe business decisions.

Budget Projects

Some business goals take priority over others. By managing your expenses, you can make sure that the necessary projects get the required resources.


— Analytics


XARU’s superior analytics is part of what makes all this possible. This convenient feature sets us apart from other financial management platforms, making our services the natural choice when deciding how best to deal with company expenses.

At a glance, you will be able to get a complete picture of your company’s financial status, meaning you and your team will be better placed to make smart decisions for the future of your business.

— Analytics

Exercise Complete Control Over Finances

Our analytics functionality gives you one hundred percent control over all platform users, cards, teams and projects. You don’t need to worry about juggling multiple platforms to deal with all these disparate elements of your business. XARU brings it together for you, all in one convenient location.

— Analytics

See the Situation from All Angles

There are lots of different ways you can check and control business expenses. For example, you can view business spending by:



Type of transaction

Individual cards



And even more

Here at XARU, we believe that having a holistic view of company finances allows you to make better decisions now and going forward.

With all the information you need at your fingertips and with a number of helpful filters to assist you in finding what you’re looking for, you’ll get your business only going from strength to strength under your leadership.

— Comprehensive financial solution

Interested in What We Have to Offer?

When it comes right down to it, no other financial management offers the same degree of customisation as XARU.

Unlike other finance solutions, our service is comprehensive and all-inclusive, bringing together all your financial details in one easy-to-navigate platform. Card management, analytics, team and expense management: why use different platforms to deal with all these issues when you can use XARU and find it all in one easy-to-navigate platform?